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We Seek To Add Value.

irst and foremost, FIC creates value by staying focused on small market enterprises and by playing an active role, as needed, in our portfolio companies. Our team's unique combination of financial and operational skills allows us to overcome any challenge, be it issues with strategy, leadership, financial structure and controls, operational efficiency and information systems. Having dedicated our attention to the unique problems of smaller businesses, FIC is best suited to imagine and implement applicable solutions in this niche.

In addition to our focus, FIC adds value by being flexible and creative when structuring transactions. Structures that both align the interests of all parties and produce win-win outcomes promote long-term value creation. When there are changes in ownership, a good deal structure allows a smooth, value-preserving transition. No two companies face identical circumstances; consequently, in order to consistently deliver results beneficial to everyone, FIC customizes transactions according to the unique needs of all the parties.

Finally, FIC also adds value to transactions by evaluating deals quickly and decisively. By keeping its small business focus, FIC remains free of the constraints that restrict the ability of other capital sources to serve this niche as efficiently.

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